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Kiwi oil is a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids – it is especially enriched with alpha-linolenic acid (60% of the kiwi oil fatty acid content) or Omega 3, which in skin care ensures skin elasticity, tone, and reduces dryness, peeling, as well as restores the natural hydro-lipid layer, ensures moisture-grease balance of the skin, and regenerates.

In skin care kiwi oil is an irreplaceable source of Omega 3 in serums, milks, balms, butters, and masks. This oil is suitable for all skin types, but especially – for dry skin that has started to become old, dehydrating, peeling, inflamed, or red. Since kiwi oil contains a very high % of unsaturated fatty acids that easily infiltrate into the skin and allow it to breathe, it can be safely used by people with greasy skin who are also skin pore blockage.

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