Each day we are showering or bathing. When we are washing our body we cleanse the skin of sweat, dust, grease and microbes. An integral part of water treatment is shower gel. Shower gel helps to cleanse the skin, moisturizes it and adds a sense of freshness to the body. Recommended body care products after showering are – cream, milk, yogurt, or body butter. If you have had a rough day and want to relax a bit, just fill your bathtub with water and add bath milk or bath salt to the water. Such water treatment will relax and tone your skin. Jete Cosmetics offers shower gel of, bath milk and bath salt of various scents. Everyone will find a product matching their preference.

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Grapefruit Bath Milk

Bath milk moisturizes and nourishes skin and improves its elasticity. It is recommended to conduct b..

€ 15.95

Grapefruit Bath Salt -20%

Grapefruit Bath Salt

Bath salt is used for reducing tiredness, relax and improve skin condition. Bath salt tones the skin..

€ 12.50 € 10.00

Grapefruit Shower Gel

Mild, slightly foaming grapefruit scented shower gel for everyday use. Softens and protects the skin..

€ 6.95

Lavender Bath Milk -30%

Lavender Bath Milk

Lightly lavender scented bath milk is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes, moisturizes and fre..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Lavender Bath Salt

Salt bath is a unique beauty care and health water treatment. It rejuvenates skin, heals inflammatio..

€ 12.50

Lavender Shower Gel

Enjoy this lavender scented shower gel that will help you get in the right mood for the start of a d..

€ 6.95

Red Grape Bath Milk -30%

Red Grape Bath Milk

Enjoy scented and pleasant bathing with added bath milk. Such bathing will greatly help you relax an..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Red Grape Bath Salt

Bath salt added to the water will let your skin regain its beauty and firmness, and it will also bal..

€ 12.50

Red Grape Shower Gel

This refreshing, moisturizing and soothing gel with a pleasant red grape scent will give a sense of ..

€ 6.95

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