Bath Milks

Bath Milks

By adding the bath milk to water you will make it milky white and it will fill your bathroom air with a pleasant fragrance making bath time a true adventure. Jete Cosmetics bath milk contains cow’s milk and goat’s milk. The bath milk has several excellent properties resulting in skin enriched with nutrients, and gently cleaned and purified providing invaluable enjoyment. By selecting the fragrance you like the most you will enhance the emotional fulfilment and reinforce the pleasant sensations.

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Net Wt.: 10oz / 300ml

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Grapefruit Bath Milk

Bath milk moisturizes and nourishes skin and improves its elasticity. It is recommended to conduct b..

€ 15.95

Lavender Bath Milk -30%

Lavender Bath Milk

Lightly lavender scented bath milk is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes, moisturizes and fre..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Red Grape Bath Milk -30%

Red Grape Bath Milk

Enjoy scented and pleasant bathing with added bath milk. Such bathing will greatly help you relax an..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Rose Bath Milk

Rose scented bath milk will make your skin soft, smooth and silky. It is a product that will help yo..

€ 15.95

Strawberry Bath Milk

Bath water with added bath milk will soften, cleanse and nourish your skin with vitamins. It will he..

€ 15.95

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