Bath Salts

Bath Salts

The Mediterranean Sea salt crystals they contain tone the skin and provide a sense of comfort for both spirit, and mind. By selecting our bath salt you will be able to reduce your fatigue, relax and improve your sleep. Bathing in water with added bath salt will significantly improve condition of your skin with each bathing time. Our bath salt will promote your sense of comfort and improve your mood at each time of using it.

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Net Wt.: 20oz / 600g

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Grapefruit Bath Salt -20%

Grapefruit Bath Salt

Bath salt is used for reducing tiredness, relax and improve skin condition. Bath salt tones the skin..

€ 12.50 € 10.00

Lavender Bath Salt

Salt bath is a unique beauty care and health water treatment. It rejuvenates skin, heals inflammatio..

€ 12.50

Red Grape Bath Salt

Bath salt added to the water will let your skin regain its beauty and firmness, and it will also bal..

€ 12.50

Rose Bath Salt

Bath salt will stimulate your blood flow, reduce muscle pain and relieve stress. Bath salt will impr..

€ 12.50

Strawberry Bath Salt

Salt bath salt will strengthen your skin and improve its defensive abilities, improve blood circulat..

€ 12.50

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