Body Butters

Body Butters

Currently Jete Cosmetics offer range contains 8 various scented Shea butter based body butters. The body butter does not contain dye. All body butters have the same texture – they are firm; however, their consistency changes upon coming into contact with warm environment – they become oily. Body butter softens the skin, as well as heals the rough, hard areas of the skin. Recommended for use after applying body scrub.

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Net Wt.: 4,4oz / 125g

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Grapefruit Body Butter -20%

Grapefruit Body Butter

Grapefruit scented body butterOur grapefruit scented body butter is a nourishing and moisturizin..

€ 12.95 € 10.36

Lavender Body Butter -30%

Lavender Body Butter

Lavender scented butterAll of our body butters share a common base, i.e. it is Shea butter with ..

€ 12.95 € 9.06

Red Grape Body Butter

Red grape scented body butterEveryday your skin demands for careful and thorough care. Body butt..

€ 12.95

Rose Body Butter

Rose scented body butterIs your skin dry? Many people are dealing with dry skin. Body butter off..

€ 12.95

Strawberry Body Butter -30%

Strawberry Body Butter

Strawberry scented body butterBody butter nourishes your skin with vitamins. The vitamins found ..

€ 12.95 € 9.06

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