Body Creams

Body Creams

Thanks to the thick consistency and added hyaluronic acid our body creams will deeply moisturize your skin making it pleasantly soft and smooth. Your skin will truly feel nourished and breathe with ease. By choosing any of the 8 existing fragrances you will be able to combine it with a scrub of the same fragrance. Contains avocado oil and Shea butter. Body cream, is suitable for dry and normal skin.

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Net Wt.: 6,7oz/ 200g

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Grapefruit Body Cream -30%

Grapefruit Body Cream

Grapefruit scented body cream.External factors, heat, cold, dry inside air, body contact with cl..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Lavender Body Cream -30%

Lavender Body Cream

Lavender scented body cream.Lavender scented body cream will moisturize, tone and smoothen out y..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Red Grape Body Cream -30%

Red Grape Body Cream

Red grape scented body cream.Body cream is an excellent partner for use after salt scrub. It is ..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Rose Body Cream -30%

Rose Body Cream

Rose scented body cream.Mild and rich moisturizing cream that is absorbed quickly into skin. Wit..

€ 15.95 € 11.17

Strawberry Body Cream -20%

Strawberry Body Cream

Strawberry scented body cream.Mild body cream with pleasant strawberry scent for everyday use th..

€ 15.95 € 12.76

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