Body Yogurts

Body Yogurts

Jete Cosmetics body yogurts are excellent and unique skin moisturizers thanks to the hyaluronic acid and avocado oil they contain. At each application, body yogurt will infiltrate deep into your skin and moisturize it without making it sticky and greasy. Your body will be grateful for the refreshment offered by our body yogurts.

Suitable for everyday use.

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Net Wt.: 6.7oz/ 200g

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Grapefruit Body Yogurt

Body yogurt – a skin care product that is quickly absorbed by the skin and is designed for everyday ..

€ 13.95

Lavender Body Yogurt

Soothes and regenerates the skin. Recommended for use when body moisturizing needs to be done with u..

€ 13.95

Red Grape Body Yogurt -25%

Red Grape Body Yogurt

Not only will the red grape scent lift up your mood, but it will also deeply moisturize, smoothen ou..

€ 13.95 € 10.46

Rose Body Yogurt -25%

Rose Body Yogurt

Very light, milk-like consistency, quickly absorbed, provides excellent moisturizing, and does not h..

€ 13.95 € 10.46

Strawberry Body Yogurt -25%

Strawberry Body Yogurt

Mild consistency body yogurt helps to rejuvenate the skin and to maintain its natural moisture level..

€ 13.95 € 10.46

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