Massage oils

Massage oils

Our massage oils are suitable for body care and massaging making your skin soft and smooth. Many professionals choose these products for body care applications. Our range of fragrances is wide enough for every customer to be able to select the fragrance that suits them the most, enjoy relaxation of the mind and spirit.

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Net Wt.: 7floz / 200ml

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Grapefruit Massage Oil

A grapefruit scented blend of natural oils that will give you a relaxing and refreshing effect. The ..

€ 13.95

Lavender Massage Oil -30%

Lavender Massage Oil

Massage oil is designed for both body care and massage. Regular use of massage oil after spa treatme..

€ 13.95 € 9.76

Red Grape Massage Oil -30%

Red Grape Massage Oil

Red grape scented oil will refresh your skin, relax your muscles, promote blood circulation, and pro..

€ 13.95 € 9.76

Rose Massage Oil

A wonderful rose scented massage oil that will delight your skin after a rough day. It will reduce t..

€ 13.95

Strawberry Massage Oil

How to improve skin elasticity and ensure its protection? Not only will massage oil improve your ski..

€ 13.95

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