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Rose Bath Bubble Ball

By adding a single bubble ball into the bathtub the bathroom will become enriched with pleasant arom..

€ 3.95

Rose Bath Milk

Rose scented bath milk will make your skin soft, smooth and silky. It is a product that will help yo..

€ 15.95

Rose Bath Salt

Bath salt will stimulate your blood flow, reduce muscle pain and relieve stress. Bath salt will impr..

€ 12.50

Rose Body Butter

Rose scented body butterIs your skin dry? Many people are dealing with dry skin. Body butter off..

€ 12.95

Rose Body Cream

Rose scented body cream.Mild and rich moisturizing cream that is absorbed quickly into skin. Wit..

€ 15.95

Rose Body Milk

Rose scented body milk.This body milk is easy to use, efficiently absorbed by the skin and does ..

€ 12.50

Rose Body Yogurt

Very light, milk-like consistency, quickly absorbed, provides excellent moisturizing, and does not h..

€ 13.95

Rose Massage Oil

A wonderful rose scented massage oil that will delight your skin after a rough day. It will reduce t..

€ 13.95

Rose Salt Scrub

Rose scented body salt scrub.Salt scrub will clean your skin deeply, making it fresher and healt..

€ 13.95

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