Shower gels

Shower gels

Shower gels from Jete Cosmetics soften the skin and make it pleasantly fragrant. Each formula contains extracts of aloe and buckthorn. The offer range includes fragrances for both men, and women. Shower gel is suitable for everyday body care, resulting in richly moisturized skin instead of dry skin.

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Net Wt.: 7fl.oz / 200ml

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Grapefruit Shower Gel -30%

Grapefruit Shower Gel

Mild, slightly foaming grapefruit scented shower gel for everyday use. Softens and protects the skin..

€ 6.95 € 4.87

Lavender Shower Gel -30%

Lavender Shower Gel

Enjoy this lavender scented shower gel that will help you get in the right mood for the start of a d..

€ 6.95 € 4.87

Red Grape Shower Gel -30%

Red Grape Shower Gel

This refreshing, moisturizing and soothing gel with a pleasant red grape scent will give a sense of ..

€ 6.95 € 4.87

Rose Shower Gel -30%

Rose Shower Gel

Gel with light rose scent that will help you cleanse the top layer of your skin, reduce tension and ..

€ 6.95 € 4.87

Strawberry Shower Gel -30%

Strawberry Shower Gel

This gel will provide your skin with optimum moisture, reduce tiredness and make sure your skin is c..

€ 6.95 € 4.87

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