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Grapefruit Body Butter -20%

Grapefruit Body Butter

Grapefruit scented body butterOur grapefruit scented body butter is a nourishing and moisturizin..

€ 12.95 € 10.36

Grapefruit Body Cream -15%

Grapefruit Body Cream

Grapefruit scented body cream.External factors, heat, cold, dry inside air, body contact with cl..

€ 15.95 € 13.56

Grapefruit Body Yogurt -15%

Grapefruit Body Yogurt

Body yogurt – a skin care product that is quickly absorbed by the skin and is designed for everyday ..

€ 13.95 € 11.86

Lavender Body Butter -20%

Lavender Body Butter

Lavender scented butterAll of our body butters share a common base, i.e. it is Shea butter with ..

€ 12.95 € 10.36

Lavender Body Cream -15%

Lavender Body Cream

Lavender scented body cream.Lavender scented body cream will moisturize, tone and smoothen out y..

€ 15.95 € 13.56

Lavender Body Yogurt -15%

Lavender Body Yogurt

Soothes and regenerates the skin. Recommended for use when body moisturizing needs to be done with u..

€ 13.95 € 11.86

Red Grape Body Butter -20%

Red Grape Body Butter

Red grape scented body butterEveryday your skin demands for careful and thorough care. Body butt..

€ 12.95 € 10.36

Red Grape Body Cream -15%

Red Grape Body Cream

Red grape scented body cream.Body cream is an excellent partner for use after salt scrub. It is ..

€ 15.95 € 13.56

Red Grape Body Yogurt -15%

Red Grape Body Yogurt

Not only will the red grape scent lift up your mood, but it will also deeply moisturize, smoothen ou..

€ 13.95 € 11.86

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